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YouTube is a website where users can upload and share videos. It was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005.4 In October 2006, it was acquired by Google Inc. in exchange for 1.65 billion dollars and now operates as one of its subsidiaries. It's the most used video sharing website on the Internet.

YouTube uses an online player based on Adobe Flash to serve its content (although it can also be based on the HTML5 standard player, YouTube integrated it after W3C presented it, nowadays is supported by all major web browsers) It is very popular due to the possibility of hosting personal videos in an easy way, and free. YouTube holds millions of movie clips, TV shows and music videos. Despite rules against YouTube upload copyrighted videos, this material exists in abundance, as well as amateur content such as video blogs. Links to YouTube videos can also be embedded in blogs and personal web sites using API or embedding some HTML code.

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